During August we will be having two fantastic Pop Ups hosting local artists & entrepreneurs!

Saturday and Sunday August 12th and 13th from 1-6pm each day, we will have Clara Bellino, singer and entrepreneur Popping Up with her wellness and anti-aging products! She works with products that are high-end, botanical, clinically tested, and based on scientific research. They’re innovative, one of a kind age-defying products that transform your skin and health.  She will have samples and product available at her Pop Up event.

As always we will have free refreshments. Follow KOSTÜM on Instagram and Facebook @kostumonpiedmont to find out more about this incredible local artist!

In order to get to know Clara a bit better we asked her a few questions, and here’s what we learned:

1. What do you do for work?

My passion is music and health. And helping and encouraging others to achieve their dreams. I am in the middle of recording my 5th album (name to be released). Music is happiness to me and drives all of my other passions. 

2. How did you get to that point in your career?

Hard work and positivity. It’s easy to be brought down in the music world if you are not one of the Top of the Charts type of artist.

3. What are you passionate about?

Music, dreaming big, health, gardening, cooking, and wine

4. What feeds you creatively?

Traveling, meeting people from different parts of the world and finding out what makes them happy,  being curious about people, time with my family and friends.

5. What is one of your favorite aspects of Oakland (or area of the Bay in which you live)?

I love the vibrant diversity of the people in Oakland, and the sense that there is a community working on making the world a better place. And the many types of creative people! I think Oakland is beautiful, I love walking around Lake Merritt, and the weather here! Except when it gets too hot! I also feel blessed to have access to a garden, and that I get to walk to my office.

6. How do you feel most connected to Oakland (whether it’s the people, culture, environment, etc.)?

I feel connected through the soil to the organic and regeneration movement: I grow most of our food from my own seeds and appreciate all the local farmers’ markets and the consciousness present in supporting local businesses. I also feel connected to the artistic community, and do my share one artist at a time, sharing my resources, experience and knowledge,  in encouraging creative people to dream. I offer them options on how to fund their passions.

7. How is fashion a part of your daily life?

I love finding that perfect outfit for my out of town shows or attending clothing swap parties to discover that next favorite item. Fashion is a huge part of who I am every day without making it something I focus on.

8. What do you hope Kostümers walk away with after seeing or purchasing your products?

That they really try the products and give it a chance to change their life. I’m a firm believer in them and I want to find others who are too by sharing them. 

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