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Clara Bellino @ Austin Winery

The Austin Winery, 440 East Saint Elmo Road, A1, , Austin, TX 78745

Texas Indie Fest and SXSW 2020 Canceled. Note from founder of Texas Indie Fest - Jeff Popka:

It is with a heavy heart that I must now officially announce the cancellation of Texas Indie Fest 2020. I have just been able to contact all the artists and venues which actually broke my heart. I know what this means to ALL involved. However, some things are larger than us. Austin is an amazing community and will be fine. I know some smaller events can continue on but we were over the threshold as set forth by the City of Austin and Travis County with their emergency declarations. The requirements for an Infectious Disease Mitigation Plan effectively sealed our fate. Austin we will see you again. #RIPSXSW2020


Clara Bellino @ Viento y Agua Coffee House

Viento y Agua, 4007 E. 4th Street, Long Beach, CA

Every Thursday Viento is proud to host one the finest Open Mics in Long Beach. Starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm. Alyssandra Nighswonger and Dana Benedict switch off every week hosting. Both are local Long Beach musicians and are extremely passionate about the local talent. At the end of the night a vote is held for the favorite performer of the night. This year there will be an Open Mic Champion Showcase to feature the amazing local talent. Hope to see you there on September 19th to put in a vote for me!   

Viento y Agua Coffee House 4007 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814



"Give Fans the Credit" 

"Give Fans the Credit" - a new initiative by the Recording Academy

There is a new initiative by the Recording Academy asking digital distribution services to credit the songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers on the screen, just as they do for the artist song. Let's give both music fans and creators the credit they deserve. 

What do you think? Will you sign the petition? Check it out here...

I would love to hear your thoughts and am grateful for your support!


La France-Étapes -Nominations-Austin, Texas 


J’espère que 2019 commence en beauté pour toi et les tiens! J’ai eu le plaisir de rendre visite à ma famille en France, et de retour en Californie de fêter les 90 ans de mon beau-père Milton! Çe qui m’a rappelé à quel point le temps est précieux.

J’adore écrire et créer de la musique et suis fière de mon nouvel album, c’est à dire “notre” album, parce qu’il a fallu la contribution de beaucoup de gens de talent pour lui donner vie! Si tu ne l’as pas encore entendu, voici une chance d’écouter 2 des…

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New Opportunity? 

Interested in a New Opportunity?    You may or may not know what I do on the side to support my art. It came about after my team and I ran a crowd funding campaign 3 years ago so I could record my new album. Though it was successful and I’m grateful to everyone who participated, it was one of the most stressful activities in my career. And I am so grateful to have found another way to raise money that makes much more sense to me.    If you’re open to finding out what it is and you or someone you know… Read more

Time to Turn the Tables Series - Volume 1 Featuring Richard Bedell of Fish Creek Radio 

We were introduced to Richard Bedell and Fish Creek Radio on Social Media in 2014. They are commercial free and play a wide variety of musical genres. Richard and his crew have been supportive of my career starting with our 2015 crowd funding campaign  through my current release of "Unexpected". Out of the gratitude for the support we have received from many I decided to start a series called: "Time To Turn The Tables".  

  Meet Richard Bedell of Fish Creek Radio, Based in Traverse City, Michigan:  Read more

Gene Anthony 60's Photographer/Artist Show Success & Availability 

Happy Spring!

If you were at our Show Opening with 60's photographer and artist Gene Anthony, thank you for making it a wonderfully memorable day!


This is also to let you know that...


The show will be up for another few weeks. Make sure to come experience the photographs and paintings of Gene Anthony's Summer of Love. It's a unique collection and makes for a very special viewing.


To compliment the show at E-clectique Gallery, we also have many rare 60's Rock Posters available to view and purchase.

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E-clectique Gallery Grand Opening this Sunday, March 4th 

E-clectique Gallery Grand Opening this Sunday, March 4th

I am very excited to personally invite you to the Grand Opening of E-clectique Gallery this Sunday, March 4th. E-clectique is a local gallery with Estate Items, Vintage Posters, Antiques, and Objects of Interest. 

Due to weather predictions, we moved the date of the even from Saturday, March 3rd to Sunday, March 4th starting at 3 PM. Please click below for more details….

Here are the details for the Grand Opening:

4125 Piedmont Ave #13 Oakland, …Read more