Who would you like to see get a helping hand?


     We are preparing for a crowd funding campaign and looking forward to an exciting journey in new territory. I want to give a percentage of what we raise to people who could use the help.
Do you know someone? I don't mean...
...you, in particular. There are many people who need help and hope. Disadvantaged kids come to mind. I'm passionate about a lot of causes. I'm inclined to donate to a garden that teaches kids about planting real food. Or a local project that wants to reclaim land to be used for the good of the people. A model that can be replicated. Or click on "Landfill Harmonic" and check out these kids: the world sends them garbage... they send back music. Kids bringing hope to other kids, through music, what do you think? I welcome and look forward to any ideas you send my way.

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