R.I.P. Robin Reichert

Before I left to Long Beach I stumbled on sad news: my friend Robin Reichert was in the hospital. I visited him a couple times, he remembered things about me I had forgotten, and was still more concerned about taking care of others than his fate. On Nov 24 while in a conference in Long Beach I got the message: Robin died today. Robin was a visionary show producer, an enlightened and intuitive highly empathetic human. We wove in and out of each others’ lives, starting when in the mid to late nineties I played the lively venues he owned in San Francisco: The Paradise Lounge and The Transmission Theater.  I’ll forever be grateful for his support. He gave me his venue once for a CD release party, and at the end ran up to me and said: You have them in the palm of your hands, sing another song! I can still hear his voice saying it. I’m also grateful for his unconditional friendship and providing a harbor in challenging times. 

He’s so much to miss, words don’t do his colorful personality justice. Here we are on Happiness Day at The Happiness Wall: March 20th 2014, I was playing my song “This Is Happiness”. Someone came and told me: there is a gentleman here to see you! What a great surprise and visit, I love you Robin, you’re a lot to miss.

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