How I Got My Voice Ready For My new CD: "This Is Happiness"

I recorded my first test vocal @ Fantasy Studios a year before I started recording my CD. I wanted what I was hearing to be miles from there, and I had no idea how to get the vocal sound I wanted; I had studied voice for 10 years with Judy Davis, who passed away in 2001. I was so devoted to her that it took me til 2010 to admit that I wasn't moving forward anymore. So I found a teacher online, I liked his approach, intent on freeing the voice. But he was in L.A. and very expensive. My producers suggested someone they'd been working with: Rocío Guitard. We had 2 months before the recording and initially we met twice a week.

Here we are, Rocío and I, at Fantasy Studios:

Rocío introduced me to a whole new way of vocal production. It takes a long time to undo years of habits, and I find it exciting to constantly strive to get better. I'm grateful to my producers for having introduced us, and to Rocío who not only was there as my coach when I recorded the vocals, but also added some wonderful background vocals on my single.

As did Bryan Dyer, what a gorgeous bass voice!

L to R and Back to Front: Frank Adler, Greg Sankovich, yours truly, Adam Muñoz, Bobby Sharp, Lincoln Adler, Corey Jennings, Brian Dyer and Rocío Guitard.

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