Go where you're wanted

As an entertainer I think 90% of my job is to get along with people. It's also to write songs, practice , keep an open mind and learn. To build relationships with experienced people who inspire me, and to keep my head screwed on with the right mindset. Also to share my experiences and to help support other artists. To build my fan base, plan, and live a life that gives me something to say! The list goes on….but I can't fully express my creativity if...

...I don’t get along with people. This year I’ve decided to go where I’m wanted and to be excited about the people I’ll meet. A friend invited me to perform at an event. She said: “They’re really sweet people”. What happened next were two performances where I felt very appreciated and inspired by the audience and the other performers. A sweet lady opened her house to us. I met wonderful people, made new friends, and went home very happy. I say go where you’re wanted, for the right reasons! It makes it easier to deal with the occasional “professional grump”. People are people. Pay attention and be good to the ones who make you smile.


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