Fish Creek Radio's Musical Therapy Initiative

The cool thing about this musical therapy initiative is it helps us improve the things that we are currently doing, every day. Our goal is to continue to grow our listener base and spread the musical therapy further around the planet.. Fish Creek Radio is an amazing vehicle for... to be heard. Lack of interference from corporate sponsors allows us to play what we like, when we like. We absolutely love when an artist comes to us with a new idea or project. Every week we hear from new recording artists who think FCR is the place for their new sound to play. Level 1 of the project allows for 3 years of necessary funding and hardware to achieve that goal. This is the key for us to continue to offer promotions and broadcast support. Your support helps to promote new talent as well as our old favorites with airtime worldwide.

Level 1 - Three years of future expenses and equipment

  • Internet service $2160.00 - Allows us to broadcast our audio and video streams.
  • $1440.00 - Our current hosting provider.
  • $1080.00 - Website hosting to stay in touch with our listeners.
  • Cellular service for 2 devices $3600.00 - Listener interfacing, website maintenance and instant communication.
  • 3 computers $3000.00 - Broadcasting, archiving, website development.
  • Sam Broadcaster renewal for 3 years $300.00 - Spacial Audio Manager software allows us to deliver a consistent quality broadcast.
  • 4 new broadcast quality microphones $800.00 - Improves the quality of our interviews and the voice work we do.
  • 1 audio mixer $1500.00 - Will allow us to deliver more sources to Sam Broadcaster, giving more flexibility.Such as direct digital links for interviews and voice projects. Or including the vinyl recordings we own and love in a radio show.
  • Accessories, cables and road cases $1500.00 - All of the gear that we need to work in house or on the road. (Microphone stands, cable bags, hard-shell cases for sensitive gear.)
  • Total $15,380.00

Level 2 allows us to be a multimedia powerhouse. The ability to capture sight and sound at live performances would be incredible. A PA system and necessary accessories would give us the ability to host events and help artists share music. It would also expand our promotions by allowing us to provide an in house alternative to an expensive rental unit.

Level 1 goal is added to the final total.

  • Video cameras and editing equipment $5000.00 - Production and archiving of events and listener communication, such as internet video links.
  • Mobile PA and lighting equipment $5000.00 - A complete solution to entertain and host events.
  • Portable tent for events $1000.00 - Protects the gear from the elements.
  • Banners for advertising and promotions $1000.00 - We gotta represent.
  • Business insurance $1500.00 - Stuff happens. Better be prepared. 
  • 2 video screens and projectors $3000.00 - For live events. A lighter weight alternative to large screen LCD's.
  • Total $16,500.00

Level 1 (15,380.00) + Level 2 (16,500.00) = $31,880.00

Level 3 would really put the icing on the cake. Music heals. This project is about musical therapy, music as medicine. Being able to "take the show on the road" will allow us to further support local non-profit groups with low-cost mobile sound and vision. As well as adding another source of revenue to make the station self supporting in the future by providing artist support wherever they choose to perform. Adding these tools would give Fish Creek Radio the ability to soar into the future!

  • Promotion Vehicle w/Trailer $40,000 - Our personal vehicles need a break, and with the gear from level 2, are way to small.
  •  Studio/Office Space $10,000 x 3 yrs $30,000 - Production space for producing and editing events such as radio broadcasts, interviews, performances or lectures. Again, our personal spaces are inadequate to the additional tasks created in level 2.
  •  Compensation for Talent $60,000 - Allows $20,000 per year for additional paid talent if needed.
  • Level 3 Total $130,000

We understand that the grand total is $161,880.00. Raising $15,380.00 would be amazing, anything beyond that would be a blessing. The entire crew at Fish Creek Radio is grateful for your time and consideration. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Risks and challenges

One of the biggest challenges we have is building a team that shares our vision. The three of us currently and will continue to program the station 24/7/365, But we are always seeking fresh faces to help. Our dedication to an advertising free signal keeps the budget tight. Finding artistic persons who don't mind if they "pay it forward" isn't always easy. We are looking for creative individuals to bring fresh ideas to the table. This is very much an organic, evolving entity that we would like to see flourish and flower. The funding helps us purchase the necessary tools to keep the station on the air and build an infrastructure to grow. Currently this is our only project and has our full attention. Our personal philosophies require that we continue forward. Each day is a fresh challenge to be met and overcome. The combined years of business ownership and management of this team is a good indicator that we can overcome all challenges.

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