Please watch the video and share. This is a charity effort click here to support.

All proceeds go to M.O.A.S and as Julie Matthews mentioned: “I believe we are making a real difference together, not just through the money raised for MOAS but also for raising awareness and connecting people with their true humanity.”

To learn more about Chris While and Julie Matthews click here to visit their website.

A few words from Julie Matthews: “When the news started breaking about the crisis happening in Calais and the film footage started flooding our screens and our newspapers my horror wasn't only at the plight of these poor desperate people, fleeing their devastated homelands and risking their lives in the hope of finding a safe place, it was also at the government and media's reaction to it. It took weeks before the BBC started calling these desperate people refugees rather than their preferred Migrants. I was appalled, shocked, angry and ashamed of a society that would allow ignorance and fear to cost us our collective humanity. That's why I wrote 'Are We Human'....because I believe in my heart that they, our governments and right-wing media, don't speak for the majority of us.

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