Sara’s Perspective on Meeting Clara In-Person For the First Time!

I started working with Clara right out of college and we have stuck together for an entire decade. We have gone through different jobs, albums, projects, internships, strategies, and major life events together, all virtually. When I think of someone that knows me and has my back always, I think of Clara.  How do I put in to words what meeting her in person was like? I’m really not sure but I will do my best to do it justice…


I jumped on the opportunity to visit San Francisco for the first time, not just because I had never been there before, but because I would finally have the opportunity to meet Clara in person! There have been a few times that I was potentially going to be in the area, but those chances kept falling through. This time I didn’t want to tell Clara until my flights were booked so as soon as they were, I quickly told her the news (and made sure she was going to be home the dates I was in town!).


Clara picked a beautiful restaurant on the Bay that had an oyster and champagne special (two of my favorite things!). I think I speed skipped to the restaurant with how excited I was to meet someone who I speak to every day and do Video calls with every week. It was a surreal feeling making my way to the restaurant.


As I walked up the outdoor patio where our table was, Clara’s expression was something I will never forget. I think she had told every table about our story and we ran to give each other the biggest hug. It was a special moment. We talked for hours as if we were friends at happy hour that get together (in-person) every week. Kris called and FaceTimed. I felt the warmth and it made me so grateful to be part of their life.


They welcomed my husband and me into their home with open arms another night we were in town. The food was delicious…it was great to finally try some of the garden-fresh sundried-tomatoes I had seen so many pictures of! The drinks were flowing and it was a memory I will hold near and dear to my heart.


Clara – you have a beautiful life and so many exciting things to come. Thank you for having me on board for the ride. I am thankful every day to be part of your team!

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