In Memory of Bob “Rocko” Rhodes

Rocko Rhodes was a dear friend and a very kind soul. I first met him when I lived in Alameda, Ca. We talked about music, he was a musician and an avid supporter of the local music scene, we performed together, he invited me to play at benefits he organized, including Guitars Not Guns and Toys for Tots. Below is a picture of him accompanying me at our local "watering" hole: Z's in Alameda. I'm wearing jeans I had made when he asked me to perform on a float in the July 4th parade. I told him I would if I could wear...

jeans with Peace signs on them..He was always finding ways to serve the community, and his friends. The last time I saw him in person he said he was aware of what my team and I were doing and congratulated me for treating my career as a business. Though I moved to a neighboring town he always reached out to us for his and Laura's parties, he was a very loyal friend and I miss him incredibly already. My thoughts are with the love of his life, his widow Laura, and his surviving parents and family. Please take a moment to click below and do what you can do: participate and/or spread the word, thank you!

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