With Ira Marlowe at Berkeley Arthouse and Gallery 4.16.2011

All photos by Victor Owens, Eye Art 2011


You should've been there! Ira writes wonderful songs and is at once a great performer, charming, entertaining, funny and has a unique way with words and storytelling, all delivered with a warm make you weak in the knees husky voice . Do I sound biased? I am! Ira took a break during the show and asked that we stay, I wasn't going anywhere! He started the show with Roger Linn on guitar and then invited band mates Michael Olaf and Adam Lowdermilk on bass, drums and vocal harmonies. The turnout was good for a Saturday night with many choices. Ira has and will play to bigger audiences, it has to be! He is playing again Saturday April 23 at Bistro Angelica, 6 to 8 pm, as well as The Union Room in SF April April 21, 24, 28 and 29. http://www.theunionroom.com/                  If you can, GO!
Listen to him here:


Berkeley Arthouse and Gallery owner Harold Adler & his "Adlerettes" @ the end of Ira Marlowe's show:




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