What went on behind closed doors at Fantasy Studios

May 24 2011: I arrived at Fantasy Studios at 11 after an audition in SF. I've had the pleasure of working here a few times now: this is some of what you see when you enter:



& here's the door behind which magic happens. I've placed my request to move in here, and keep checking my mail box...

Today on the schedule: adding strings to the song Bobby Sharp gave me: "Hand In Hand". With producers Greg Sankovich and Lincoln Adler, violist Darcy Rindt and cellist Beth Vandervennet. The strings were beautiful and made me want to cry! I sat on the couch in the control room and wanted to find a way to stop time. I also wished Bobby had felt up to being here, knew he was going to love the strings! Here below are pictures of our session at Fantasy Studios:

Mixer extraordinaire Adam Muñoz , Producers Lincoln Adler and Greg Sankovich, cellist Beth Vandervennet and violist Darcy Rindt

Darcy and Beth in action

Listening with charts

Grateful for working with a fun talented bunch: Greg, Lincoln, Darcy, Adam and Beth.

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