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Press:"Bellino's sweetness evokes a younger Faithfull,a playfulness Deborah Harry had with Blondie, and even an existential touch of the Velvet Underground's Nico, before the German songstress sank forever beneath the waves of Stygian gloom." Bruce Bellingham, Arts and Entertainment/ San Francisco Northside
Clara 1Clara 2Hailing from Paris, France, and growing up in a small village of the French Alps, Clara Bellino blends heartfelt rhythms, magical lyrics, and unimaginable emotions into a rare mixture of solid American songs with an unfettered sense of humor and a European sense of what is amusing. Americans probably remain puzzled by her songs in French, but are still moved by the rhythms and the performance. Her English songs are instantly understandable and the range between Europop and American Music is beguiling. All you have to do is listen to “Potential Criminal” or “Goodnight Baby” and you won’t get these beautifully produced songs out of your head.There is no single word that describes her songs. It’s a mixture of thoroughly requited love and, at odd times, real aggression, but with a sense of humor that never fades. Critic Bruce Bellingham compares her work to that of Faithful, Blondie’s Debby Harry and Nico before her involvement with The Velvet Underground.

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