The First Review of Happiness Is In!

As I’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of private island living, I am appreciative of the vicarious experience offered by Clara Bellino’s newest EP.   With a youthful voice that impishly and unabashedly skinny-dips its way through unencumbered – and eclectic - compositions, Clara Bellino is offering her own point of strings attached.

The EP features  “This is Happiness,” penned by well as an interlude titled, “Driftwood”...and a tune originally penned by legendary jazz pianist/composer, Bobby Sharp in 1947. Clara Bellino’s style, a lounge-indie-folk-Europop concoction, is neither an empty-caloried confection, nor a heady round of pontification.  *This* is story-telling. At its best, this is even-tempered, cerebral conversation, punctuated judiciously with light – and very *Parisian* -  smatterings of instrumentation and backing vocals.

As in any *polite* conversation, Bellino’s airy voice never interrupts or soars above the music, but wears it like a loose garment...a favorite sweater.  Hers is an ethereal voice that sometimes leaves you wondering whether you are overhearing her thoughts or whether she is telling you a *secret*.  There is “breathing room” between the lyrics . . . dramatic pauses that animate good storytelling.  While she has, in the past covered tunes by Smokey Robinson, Tom Waits and Marianne Faithful, her stronger work is to be found within her own tunes, and thereby her own experiences.

Much as I enjoyed this project, I find myself wishing that “Hand in Hand” had been presented as a “bonus” item; as in comparison to Bellino’s usual work, this piece is an entirely different, yet equally good experience.

Bearing in mind the eclecticism and free-spirited independence emanating from her usual work, the vocal on the Sharp piece is entirely different. Vocally and stylistically “Hand in Hand” is artfully delivered as if it were a May/December romance...lending a modern voice to a musical love letter composed over 50 years ago.  In what can be read as deference, tenderness or tentativeness, Bellino’s vocal conveys a growing trust in another musical voice.

Due, in part to the inclusion of Hand in Hand in this project, Clara Bellino has reminded us of her capabilities as a song writer...and introduced us to her talent as a song stylist.  The most important thing this EP has done is make me want to hear the LIVE Clara Bellino experience.

Clara Bellino has the disarming quality of sounding like no one in particular yet someone distinctly familiar.  As footloose and fancy-free as contemplation can be, this EP is not your typical ear candy.  This is more like a shell on Clara Bellino’s private you playfully put to your ear as you rock back on your heels, listen and think, “This is Happiness.” 

~ T. L. Murray
Owner, *Jazz-O-Mat Radio

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