Social Media and the Sweetest People

I didn't know Joey and Sandra 2 weeks ago, except on Facebook where we met last year.  They were demonstrating against a nuclear power plant and I offered to play music. That didn't happen, but when Joey found out I was playing in Morro Bay last month, he said "Call my girlfriend, you're staying with us." I spend 4 magical days in their heaven on earth. Joey Racano played me his unique rap CD, I loved it! What a character! They gave me a room with a huge bed.  Showed me around, fed me, introduced me to their friends, we laughed and got to know each other. As if that wasn't special enough, they proceeded to...

...record a new CD for me! They brought their engineer friend Frank Ring into their studio. 

Photo by Joey Racano
Photo by Joey Racano

I sang and played guitar, Frank recorded, mixed, and mastered the 6 live songs. Joey took photos, created artwork, pressed the CDs, and with Sandra, printed it all. They sent me home with a stack of CDs and unforgettable memories! We named my new CD: "Clara Fire". I am so grateful to my new friends!

Would you share a story in which meeting folks on social media lead to experiences that went way beyond what you could have imagined?

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