Musicians For Peace - Clara Bellino & Willie Nelson's "Peaceful Solution"

I just played a benefit for Musicians For Peace with my band. At this benefit for Musicians For Peace, Alan Moore, founder of Musicians For Peace, mistakenly announced that I would sing a song called "Peaceful Solution" written by Willie Nelson. We at Musicians For Peace are grateful that Willie joined us, but just to clarify: in 2004 I wrote a song "Peaceful Solution"  (© 2004) and released it on my CD "Embarcadero Love" in 2005. In 2006 I was invited to join "Musicians For Peace". Alan Moore included my "Peaceful Solution" on the organization's compilation CD, which you could buy or get if you joined Musicians For Peace.

* I wrote "Peaceful Solution" during the "Bush years" when I was tired of hearing American actions justified as long as they made money. The first line is pivotal: "As long as money is enough of a reason, somebody pays with misery", and epitomizes war as being between the haves and the have nots. When I released my CD, my distributors asked if I would donate a song. I picked "Peaceful Solution" because, if any song, that one should be free. Which is also the reason why I donated it to the Musicians For Peace compilation. 

* Then in 2007 Willie Nelson joined Musicians For Peace, and also released a song called "Peaceful Solution" (© 2008) and founded The Peace Research Institute. To listen to one of his versions, with his lyrics and music, go to:

Willie Nelson's "Peaceful Solution" is also free and he has offered anyone who wants to sing it or film it, the opportunity to have their recording/video posted to his site "The Peace Research Institute".

*Mr Bush is no longer President and world peace is still a work in progress. Hopefully our musical contributions help!

*You can download my song "Peaceful Solution" for free here:

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