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Q&A From Radio Personality Scott Gingold - Business 101 with Scott Gingold

1) When and why did you decide to go into radio?

The show started on 8/7/13. We were on then for 1 hour, and very early (8am EST) and had a very different audience. We shifted our time slot in 2014 and expanded the show to 2 hours based on the success and popularity of the program.

The decision to go into radio was somewhat accidental, and somewhat a dream. My original desire was to be on from 12pm-5am, Sunday-Thursday. Why? Most entrepreneurs go to bed at around midnight. They typically wake up at 2:30am'ish in a panic: "how will I make payroll? where can I find qualified employees/vendors/partners? how should I best network to gain more business? where can I get working capital? Is my marketing effective? how should I manage my social media presence? etc., etc." 

So what makes me qualified to be the person on the other end of the phone? My typical response is that I am always the smartest guy in whatever room I am in! How can I make this claim? Simply stated, I have made pretty much every mistake one can make in business. When this happens, you can choose to learn from it and grow, or go on to repeat the same mistakes. I choose not to go backward, only forward! Also, a nice thing about being in business for a long time and being of a certain age, I have developed a very large and diversified Rolodex (old school term!) of varied contacts who can answer virtually any question that I cannot!

Will I eventually do this type of show? Stay tuned, we'll see :-)

2) What is a key thing you've learned from running your own show?

In typical Scott fashion, two answers to this. 1) That I must stay curious all the time in order to keep the show interesting and worth listening to. 2) Show prep is everything, there is no shortcut or "winging it."

3) What is one thing you would like everyone to know about you?

That I genuinely care about my audience and my guests. In other words I want the experience and outcome to be interesting, positive, and educational. 

4) What kind of people do you enjoy connecting with? How would you like us to help you do that?

I like  connecting with people who are interesting, and smarter than myself. I know that the latter contradicts my earlier response :-) Simply put, as a guest (Dan Pena) once put it to me; "show me your friends and I will show you your future." I enjoy a respectful discourse and exchange of ideas. I don't need "yes men/women" in my life, I want people who will challenge my thinking and and are highly motivated and hard-working. 

As for how you can help me do that, hmm, I guess people who you think would fit the bill, and especially those who could help me grow my radio presence as well as my management consulting practice. 

5) What makes your show different?

Unlike most other radio programs, it is not confrontational, not a "gotcha" kinda program, and it is intended to be educational and interesting.

6) Are you seeking advertisers for the show? 

Yes! The benefit we offer is of course the live show, but, also the podcast audience which includes iTunes, Loverino, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

7) Is there a specific memory from a show that stands out?

Yes! On the one year anniversary show we re-interviewed our very first guest (Valerie Bittner) in the first hour and in the second hour, she, and my Denise turned the tables on me and interviewed me! yes, it was odd, but enlightening and fun.

8) What is the best way for people to connect with you? 

Twitter is #1 (@scottgingold) and CyberDust (+scottgingold) is #2. Email (scott@gingold.me) works too :-)

-Scott Gingold


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