Finding Producers for my recording

In July 2010 Bobby Sharp (author of Unchain My Heart) laid down the piano track for the song he gave me.

In January 2011, back from France, determined to record the rest of my new CD, I contacted Berkeley's Fantasy Studios Director Jeffrey Wood who introduced me to my new producers: Greg Sankovich and Lincoln Adler. I decided to only work with people who were excited to work with me. At our first meeting, based on the sounds I was after and the recordings they played me, and a gut feeling that these were awesome peeps, I decided I wanted to work with them.

Other than being great people to spend time with, and producers with great ears, Greg and Lincoln are ├╝ber talented musicians, who have their own band together and grace numerous musical projects with their talents. Greg plays keyboards like I hope to in my next life, and Lincoln plays sax that I'm sure makes Lisa of the Simpsons extremely jealous.

Here we are on the first day we met, just a year ago! wow, so much has happened since...we look better in person or in a picture taken by someone who knows what they're doing :)

With Lincoln Adler and Greg Sankovich at our first meeting 2.16.2011

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