Charlie Watts & I in Paris @ The New Morning/listen to: "The A,B,C&D of the Boogie Woogie"

   My brother, whom I love and don’t get to see half as much as I’d love to, lives in Paris, most of the time. Under his unassuming demeanor he’s quite the worldly musical shaker and mover. Usually, when I leave Paris, he says:

...“It’s too bad, cause tomorrow I’m working on a David Bowie/Robbie Robertson//Leonard Cohen...-you take your pick-, show." And I sit on a plane thinking: “Damn my timing is off!” But, last year, we were in Paris visiting family, and he said: “Hey, the night before you leave I’m producing Charlie Watts’s “other” band: “The A,B,C, and D of the Boogie Woogie” at the New Morning. The New Morning has a capacity of 250 or so. Long story short, we got to see both their shows, quasi sitting on the stage, spitting distance from Charlie and the band, and you get to hear a short segment of how amazing they all sounded when you click on the video below :) What a treat it was :) And you're in for one now.


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