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House Concerts

House Concerts & Private Events

I love playing House Concerts, I feel like a fish in water; love the intimacy of it, the connection with the audience, the chance to mingle with them, and the fact that it is a listening experience which gives me wings as a performer.

If you would like to book me for a house concert click here to download a concise guide that my friend / author /  coach and songwriter Matthew Moran has written: it makes the process simple, fun and rewarding for all involved.

Then to book me you can contact me directly here or click Here to book Clara Bellino for a House Concert...

Sometimes sitting in a cozy living room or in a nice backyard, listening to a great singer-songwriter just a few feet away is just the right thing to do on a Friday night - or any night of the week, for that matter!

I love performing in people's homes across the country. To host me in your home, no matter where you live, contact me.

What is a House Concert and how do I host one?

Here's another informative video from the folks at Concerts In Your Home:


Watch Clara Perform at a House Concert

Here is our closing song at our last House Concert in Oakland, with my friend Steve La Porta:


This is from an intimate pre-release solo debut at Book Zoo in Oakland, CA onr August 10, 2012.

Click Here to book Clara Bellino for a House Concert...