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"This Is Happiness" CD Diary: feeding musicians & menu for recording @ Fantasy Studios

I was Executive Producer on my new CD recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. One sure way to earn that title is to foot the bill for the recording. That also means making sure everyone is fed, cause days can be long in the studio and a group of underfed or badly fed musicians...let's put it this way: good healthy food makes for better energy and better music. In My Humble Opinion. So on days that were 4 hours long or longer, I prepared and brought the food. There were snacks to be had anytime throughout the day, -I learned about the importance of "craft service" on many movie sets-, and a full meal for when it was time for a break. It was great fun eating together. And being appreciated for my cooking which I love to do! Here are pictures of one day's menu, I listed every ingredient partly to avoid allergic reaction situations!

Our lounge and kitchen during our visit... in my dreams I live here. :)


Good for you for taking control of your food. I often find myself making less than perfect choices because I didn't plan ahead. I am sure your fellow diners appreciated your efforts!
Sharing meals and snacks contributes to a healthy team in so many more ways that simple nutrition... it's such a fun and great way to bond!
Sounds like a very holistic experience.. luv it! ~)

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