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The Beautiful Things In Life: Bouquets For My Sweetheart

There are many simple creative ways ways to add beauty to daily life and celebrate each day. I think I got that from my folks: we shared food with friends, mom cooked, knitted, planted things, made pillows, clothes, painted, dad played all kinds of music and records, built things, took pictures, made bird houses and fed the birds. They still do!

I 'm lucky to live in a part of the world where...

...many flowers grow. When we go on walks, as we head home I pick a few. No I don't go into people's planted gardens, I pick a flower here and there off the side of the road. And I have tiny vases. I always keep one on my husband's desk and one on mine. I've read that bouquets invite prosperity, they definitely add joy, love and color when sitting at a desk. These are pics of this week's selection, enjoy!


Merci Clara pour ces délicieux petits cadeaux. Big bisous, Sylvie
they're exquisite, clara, and even at a distance, off the screen, bring joy and love into my day. thank you, my dear.

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