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Thank you artist Blake Morgan for creating #irespectmusic

If you're a lover of arts and music, you've been exposed to a growing conversation about how technology has made it difficult for musicians to make a living. Once in a while there comes an articulate spokesperson who bypasses all the BS and says it like it is. I am very grateful for all those who speak up on behalf of us artists, and in particular to...

Blake Morgan. Read his story here, and please, do us all a favor, sign his petition and circulate it. We, not technology, decide the world we want to live in. And we artists not only appreciate, but cannot exist without, your expressed support. 


Hi Peter, I hear your comment. And I respectfully disagree, in this case. Well with part of it; the amount of energy it takes to do what Blake is doing is mind boggling. But it was born out of his necessity, and he is spreading the wealth of his actions to include others. That to me is awesome. That he by doing that gains visibility is fine with me. We have enough proof of what happens when artists leave it to others, as in those who profit from their work, to take care of their affairs, well being and livelihood. We need more artists to stand up for themselves, along with those who do care what happens to them. I don't see a conflict of interest, I see someone enlightened as to where the interest lies.
I wish Blake much luck and success. Personally, I have a hard time (being the rebellious sort that I am) getting my head around the idea you can invest all your professional time, skills and talent developing other artist and do the very same for yourself. But that's just me and I'm probably way off base here. Seems to me, there's this conflict of interest. You know, the guy who sells widgets for his client widget producer (could be songs and other types of music as well) then puts his own widgets on the shelf at eye level for better market viewing? Thanks for hearing my comment.
Clara, thank you for another beautiful newsletter and sharing your joy as always. Music touches all of us in so many ways. And thank you and all of your friends who support "I Respect Music" an important gathering of like minded people, who love and appreciate music and the artists who make it.

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