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Taking a Break and Making Limoncello: a recipe

The first time I made Limoncello was for my wedding. By the time our 77 guests went home the 13 bottles were empty, mathematically it was a success. Recently we inherited 2 cases of Meyer lemons, what else were we going to do? Make more Limoncello!

The base recipe we use is from Capri: for every 10 big lemons use 1 quart of alcohol, 1 quart of water and 18 ozs of sugar. I used Chardonnay Grape Vodka from Australia..cause it was smooth and cheaper than Ever Clear.

Remove the zest, put lemons in a big jar, cover with alcohol, close lid tightly, infuse for 3 weeks in a cool area filled with light, shake the jar once in a while.

Strain the mixture, make a syrup by boiling the water and sugar. When cooled combine alcohol-lemon and syrup.

Infuse 10 more days. Strain again and bottle. Store in the dark. The longer the better, one month at least.

In our last batch we made some variations; in some jars we mixed fruit and zest, in some we added blood oranges. So we have Fruity Limoncello, Zesty Limoncello and Lemorancello. We're planning a Limoncello party for August :)


Melissa, this sounds like a lovely, refreshing treat! Wow, 77 guests - I would have fainted.... it sounds like you have fun!

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