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Songwriter and ASCAP President Paul Williams' inspirational 2013 State of the Union


Paul Williams on songwriters and music:

As a songwriter and publisher in the U.S. I'm affiliated with the Performance Rights Organization BMI. Happy and proud to be. ASCAP is the other one in the States. I 'm very grateful to songwriter and ASCAP President Paul Williams for his beautiful State of the Union speech. Nothing would make me happier than if you... 

...took the time to listen to his speech. It's not only heartfelt and delivered by a poetic songwriter, it articulates better than most people know the truth about what songwriters are up against while outlining the value of the music they create. It's beautifully said and inspirational. Turn it on and listen, while you're prepping a meal or have a few minutes, I believe you'll be glad you did. And all songwriters will be grateful to you for educating yourself, pass it on to friends if you think they will enjoy it and learn something. Thank you!


Thanks Clara; I'll definitely listen to this. Sincerely, David A. Boyington Producer

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