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Put an end to feeling like you didn't do enough!

For as long as I can remember I have written daily "to do lists". Being somewhat overly ambitious, or as like to think in love with life and possibilities, my to do list for one day more often than not would have on it what would take a week to accomplish. So at the end of each day I'd feel like I had at best made a dent in the list. I changed two things: first I discovered the "calendar". I know, it may sound trivial, but by scheduling my list on a calendar it takes if off my shoulders and out of my head. It's no longer day to day, it's months ahead, and I review it once a week, and adjust as necessary.


Then, and this is the most important step: at the end of each day on my calendar there is a box called "List of Accomplishments". Before I wrap up my business work each day, I type in there what I HAVE done. OK, so some days I don't get to it, but I tell you, it is a simple thing to do, which has greatly helped me to call it a day and enjoy the rest of the evening, feeling accomplished rather than like there's so much more stuff to do. By focusing on what I did accomplish I feel better. And feeling good as I do what I love is the the first thing on my list. :)


Great job Clara! Helpful article and nice work spreading the message! Can you write another post teaching me how to beat the spam patroller/captiva? I can never figure out what those letters are!
Your "List of Accomplishments" is a very good idea. I might use it as a "list of goals accomplished" as well. Thanks
Dear Clara, You were all of 4 months old when we first met, and I fell in love with you that moment. Now, all these years later, I'm grateful that you are still in my life, in spite of the distance - now a lovely young woman, joyful, loving, inspired and inspiring, full of awareness and generosity: living your life well. Enjoy your sejour back home and take with you to share beaucoup de bises pour vous tous. Anne
wow, Clara, all your words are beautiful, thank you, have a wonderful time in the snow. that is great advise . happy holidays
Dear Clara,I want the best of wishes for you,for gettin' your goals and keep on the tracks,and ever my support for you,as musician and friend; you're the best of the better.

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