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Midweek Bellino Break #4

Check out the most recent Midweek Bellino Break Episode #4: “My Black and White Memories”. Photos are courtesy of my dad. Please leave a comment on my YouTube channel if you enjoy it. View it below...


This all brings tears to my eyes... I remember every one ( or almost) of the moments depicted in your dad's pictures -- such a joy it is, and such nostalgia it brings!! Did I ever tell you that I have a large scale copy of the picture of you and j-f in the hammock.all those years ago? I had it mounted on a sturdy backing, and it hung in my room in the dormatory when I was a student in Denmark. It travelled with me to this country, and I still have it. I looked at it just the other day ( it's not prominently displayed any longer, I grant you that, but I know where to go look it, which is more than I can say of a whole lof of other photos from my youth -: ). ,I treasure the memories it brings. I'll be in touch soon via email -- sending you lots of love and hugs, Anne
I loved seeing those old photos of you as a child. Come see us in Point Reyes when you have a moment. Big hugs, Richard (and Doris)

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