Clara Bellino



Experts and Fear Tactics

There ‘s always more to learn, AND I’m tired of articles that start with some version of:  "the 10 mistakes you're making if you want to be successful".  In every field people charge money to tell you how you can be successful. Some have valuable stuff to contribute. But I’ve noticed a trend among people who want musicians and artists to believe they know what they need to do to be successful. A majority of them...


...are not successful artists. Which doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have valuable input. But it is their job to keep you believing they have the solution.  


I think pure fear tactic approaches and articles entitled: “why you’re not successful” are a turn-off. Your knee jerk reaction is supposed to be: “Tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.” Yes there are things you can do -Michelle Shocked anyone?- to screw up your chances. But assuming that you’re reading an article in good faith to learn about things you hadn’t thought of, I think for the writer to grab you by your fear is a cheap tactic. How about titling the article: “Maybe you hadn’t thought of ...” or “Here’s a better alternative, to increase your chances...” Isn’t that more inviting? And supportive? How about we start using, and responding to, positive messages and interactions as attention getters?


Nicely done, Clara. Capitalism seems to be the main drive in many...I am tiring of the scams I see on the Internet...the Artistic Process and simply helping someone for free is worth more than money. Why? Because the power of your Spirit increases, you shine; oh, yes, the money will come. But, did you help someone today, or did you take advantage of someone today? What's in your Soul? Thanks Clara for sharing that great your music. Sincerely, David A. Boyington

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